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The Best Wireless Dog Fence

Everyone likes to have playful and active dog. Some are uses cage for them, but all of the dog breeds are like to live with nature with playing. You need to be care of them always. Sometimes dogs are not intent to hear your given orders. This may be huge problem for most people. If they are going out from your land boundary then your loving dog may face unexpected situations like accident or bite any other dog at outside. This is serious issue. But practically you can’t keep them inside your home or cage every time. Because they need some exercises and also need to play for healthy life. Then you need exact solution for this. These days most suitable and practical solution for this is wireless dog fence. Some are having issue with what is this and how its working on. These best wireless dog fences are safe pet containment system can handle your dog’s walking or playing within your land boundary.

best wireless dog fence

What Will Happens If the Exceeding The Boundary?

Pet owners can set their boundary lines to this wireless dog fence system. It might help to having freedom to your dog to do anything on your boundary. If your dog go beyond the previously setup boundary then small electric shock given by the fence. Totally Wireless systems are works through the radio signal and no any connective cable with fence and system. Some of semi wireless systems are having signal antenna wire to send signals. But our suggestion is fully wireless dog fence systems are easy to use. With your busy lifestyle it is the most practical solution at that time.

best wireless dog fence

How to Work Wireless dog fence?

These dog fence systems have centralized transmitter. It is the equipment that identified and controls the boundary of the system. You need to place this system on middle of your property. Its emits signals from there to fence for control the dog’s playing, walking distance. These dog fence systems are comes with different level of radius of signal. This may change with product manufacturer. Some products having less radius of effective distance and some advance systems are having many acres. When you are thinking about the purchased them to your dog first you need to carefully check the Buying Guide.

How To Select Best Wireless Dog Fence?

As i mentioned above different kind of pet safe wireless fence systems has different range of working coverage’s and benefits. Before you purchasing them you need to check few things for select best one to use.

Coverage Area:

best wireless dog fence

Most of our living land area is rectangle shape. So first you need to check and measure what kind of maximum radius can cover from the central place of your property. That’s the maximum limit can your dog walks or plays freely. To getting the maximum effectiveness of your best wireless dog fence system, you need to avoid more wall and steel area. So you need to check and calculate distance with thinking about these factors. Do not get decision without checking only wireless dog fence reviews. Because it may not get good result from the system and also its benefit not get to your loving dog. Always try to place your transmitter avoiding the signal barriers. When you choosing the wireless fence to your dog think this factor first and get suitable one.

Number of Collars Support to the system:

If you own more than one dog then you need to think about this factor also. Some kind of systems are support only for one dog collar And also available multiple support collars for use. So you need to select suitable one for match with the requirement.

best wireless dog fence

Size of the Dog Collar:

To getting the better performance you need an idea about circumference of your dog’s neck. If you get fence for large dog you need to choose right size. Because if this was much tight then it might be harmful for your pet. Better way is first you check dog electric fences reviews and match it with your dog and buy.  And also you need to choose little wireless fence for small dogs.


Wireless dog fences are comes with both water resistant and waterproof. Basically designed models are categorized as water resist wireless dog fence. Some low range of rain condition or sudden water spray, this type of product works perfectly. Some breeds like Labradors are really playful and they were loved to play at water surfaces. In these situation wireless fence also touch with water. The water proof fences are completely sealed. This waterproof feature helps to protect all the internal electronic parts of the fence. For long and hardly use with weather condition these type of products are mostly suitable.


The best wireless dog fence is really easy to setup and install. First you need to install wireless pet fence systems on central position you have already identified. This is the transmitter and need to give power line for it. Then you can adjust the effective signal area of your wireless dog fence system for cover the boundary. Last part of the installation is set the wireless fence for dog. You need to add suitable batteries. Then your system is ready to operate. Again you make sure you have install wireless transmitter at right place for reduces the signal interference issues. You can do these steps easily by referring best wireless dog fence reviews. They had in depth detailed instructions for this.

Power for Wireless fence:

These fences are electronic item and they need power for operate. Batteries are used for given power for operate this fence for getting signal from transmitter. And also these battery power uses for giving correctional shock to your dog if they exceeding the boundary lines at your property. You can use two types of batteries for this.

Rechargeable Batteries:

This is the best way of giving power to the fence. Because it’s save your money. These are built in with the fence and you can simply recharge them once there power run out. For recharging process you will get charging cable for it. In the market you will be able to find different kind of lifetime batteries. Some are can recharge and works for few days and some of best wireless dog fence batteries works more than one month of time.

Single time using batteries:

These type of batteries can use only single time. Once it power run out you need to replace the appropriate batteries for it. Disadvantage of this kind of product is you need t invest more for batteries.

What will include in the package?

In some cases this may change with the manufacturer to manufacturer. We can list basic components which include every best wireless dog fence system.

  • Transmitter

This is the control unit of the electronic dog fence systems and you need to install this in

Your home. Installing these 5 feet above from the ground level is best.

  • Receiver

This is signal receiving device and you need to wear this to dog.

  • Batteries

Batteries For wireless dog fence

  • Charging cable

If you have got rechargeable batteries then you will get this

  • Support materials

For install the transmitter you will get support materials

  • Guide

You will get installation / Technical guide for your system.

  • Training flags

You can use them to training time of your dog

Is wireless dog fence really works?

Absolute its work perfectly. Some of are not having enough time to play with there dogs and can’t watch them every second. So this system make sure to handle your dogs walking / playing distance. It’s giving permit to go freely within the Pre-setup boundaries and not to go outside the boundary. On the other had this features are really helps to train your dogs.

best wireless dog fence

Is correction shock may harmful for dog?

These wireless electronic dog fence giving small electric correction shock if the walk beyond the boundary. But it was not harmful for dog. Your best wireless dog fence system having different level of shock adjustment and you can apply as you want.

Is it good for Puppies?

These wireless electric fences are not suitable for puppies and small dogs. Some time these small levels of correction shock may harmful for small / tiny dogs. So make sure your dog size and age before use it. You need to wait until they were 6 month old. If they were not grown as much after the 6 month of time also you need to care and wait until they were growing.

best wireless dog fence

Best Wireless dog fence Reviews

Our Top Picks :

PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System:

best wireless dog fence

If your home built in big land, this product is the mostly suitable one for use. Covering range of this system is Half an Acre. You can simply adjust boundary level up to 90 feet for each and every direction. Absolutely no wire needed for bury with fence. This wireless fence is waterproof and can uses for long time with water.

This has 5 levels of static correction pulse and you can choose what you need at the time which was using. It has indicators for battery levels and tone only mode. Wireless receiving collar has many adjusting levels. You can use this to 8 pounds or more dogs which they having neck size 6 to 28 inches. This system comes with single receiver and you can able to fit addition fences as you needed. Transmitting unit is small and it can easily mount to the wall.

PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence, Covers up to 3/4 Acre

best wireless dog fence

This best wireless dog fence was another good system and this was an portable device. This is also fully wireless product and do not need any bury wires. This system can cove ¾ acre. It has range adjustable facility and able to change this up to 105 feet for every direction.

You will gets one fence with the system but you can add unlimited amount with this. That means this was really good if you having more than one pets at home. This best product can use for dog weight starting from 5 pounds and neck size 6 – 28 inches range. Tone-only mode available in this system and you can use it for train your dog. If you are doing this in proper way you can train your pet within 2 weeks of time frame.

This has 5 correction levels and you can change as you want at the process going on. Wireless dog collar of this system is rechargeable ergonomic on and you can use it up to 3 weeks once you charge it. This usage time may change upon your usage time and frequency. Charging time of this fence is 2 to 3 hours. It’s really quick for comparing with some others. This portable device was easy to use and also very easy to setup. You can do it within 1 or 2 hours of time.

PetSafe Free To Roam Wireless Fence, Covers up to 1/2 Acre

best wireless dog fence

This best electric fence for dogs covers up to ½ acre. That means 180 feet diameter of the property will cover by the transmitter. This is also totally wireless system and no bury wires required for fit the systems and collar. Also this was waterproof systems and can be used to dogs starting 5 pounds of weight. Mentioned neck size of this fence was 6 to 28 inches.

best wireless dog fence
best wireless dog fence

You can use tone only mode for train your dogs and also available 5 levels of static correction levels as needed. This portable device is really good for home use. You can easily install it within 1-2 hours at your home. Batteries of this fence have 1-2 month lifetime and easy to install.

Petsafe Wireless Fence Collar – Waterproof Receiver

best wireless dog fence

This is the One of good wireless fence which can use dogs starting their weight 8 pounds. 6 to 28 inches of neck size adjustment level having this and you can change accordingly. This is waterproof fence and it was compatible with PIF-300 system, IF-100 transmitter. Tone only mode can use for training period and also available 5 levels of static adjustable level of correction.

best wireless dog fence
best wireless dog fence

This product was light weighted and 6v battery included. So this was good for use to your pets and best one for using at home area.

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